You have the option to renew for one year for $25.00 or for three years for $60.00. Please note that if you renewed last year using the three year option, you should have recently received an email confirmation from Linda Myles, Membership Chair. If you are unsure whether you renewed last year for one or three years, please contact Linda at .

Your payment provides event programming for our families and funding towards projects in our community to ensure our long term sustainability.

Please note the process:

    1. Payment for your membership can be made by PayPal, cash or cheque.

Note: If you are paying your membership by cash or cheque, fill out but do not submit this form. Instead, click the Print button at the bottom of the form and Mail this form and a cheque for $25.00 or $60.00(payable to HVPOA) to: HVPOA, 4 Highland Drive, Oro-Medonte, L0L 2L0  OR take this form and your $25.00/$60.00 cheque or cash to your street rep.

After printing this form you can drop your $25.00/$60.00 cash or cheque(payable to HVPOA) to your street rep, or mail to HVPOA, 4 Highland Drive, Oro-Medonte, L0L 2L0

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